Thin film analysis

Thin film analysis
X-ray diffraction has special value for studying epitaxial layers and other thin film materials. The precise lattice parameter measurement method can be used to accurately determine the epitaxial layer of the lattice and its substrate. Matching or mismatching of lattice parameters in epitaxial devices is an important factor such as magnetic garnet films for magnetic bubble memories, doped gallium arsenide films for LEDs, and high-speed transistors and other important electronic products. Another application for thin film X-ray diffraction is to determine the coefficient of thermal expansion by measuring the change in lattice parameters with temperature using high temperature diffraction.

Film grazing incidence diagnosis (GID): accurate analysis of the composition, order and orientation of the materials in the multilayer;

Thin film reflection analysis (XRR): accurate analysis of thickness, density and coarseness of polycrystalline and single crystal multilayer films;


Thin film sample XRR measurement:TAC / SiC = 4 nm / 1.2 nm 


Thin film sample GIXRD measurement:TAC / SiC = 4 nm / 1.2 nm 


Thin film sample XRD measurement:TAC / SiC = 4 nm / 1.2 nm


DX-2700BH,DX-2800 X-ray Diffractometer + Göbel mirror