Graphitization degree

Graphitization degree
The "graphitization" process in which amorphous carbon is converted into graphite is an amorphous to crystalline conversion process, and the calculation of crystallinity is expressed by the so-called "graphitization degree". The degree of graphitization is the degree to which the carbon atoms form a close-packed hexagonal graphite crystal structure. The closer the lattice size is to the point constant of the ideal graphite, the higher the degree of graphitization.

Mix the graphite C to be sampled with the Si standard sample and perform XRD measurement;


Calculate the 2θ diffraction angle values of graphite C (002 plane) and standard sample Si (111 plane) by fitting;


Calculate the degree of graphitization based on the graphite C (002 plane) or C (004 plane) 2θ value.


DX-2700BH X-ray Diffractometer