Asbestos detection in talcum powder

Asbestos detection in talcum powder
Talc is a naturally occurring aqueous silicate mineral whose main component is Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. It has properties such as lubricity, anti-adhesion, and flow aid, and is widely used in the medical field. In the process of making Chinese patent medicine tablets, as a means of increasing the fluidity of the particles, preventing the sticking or smoothing the surface of the tablet, a certain amount of talc powder is often added as a coating agent for the lubricant or the sugar-coated tablet, and is also applied to powders, powders and so on. With the development of science and technology and people's deep research on talcum powder, the safety of talcum powder has gradually attracted attention, especially the impact of asbestos impurities contained in it on human health, which has attracted more and more attention. X-ray diffractometer is the asbestos content of talc provides the most effective means of detection.



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