Residual stress measurement

Residual stress measurement

Residual stress is mainly caused by uneven plastic deformation inside the material and material product components. The residual stress seriously affects the machining accuracy and dimensional stability, static strength, fatigue strength and corrosion cracking of the component. Accurate detection of residual stresses in quality control and predicted product life is especially important.

X-ray diffraction is currently the only nondestructive measuring method for residual stress. X-ray stress analyzer and X-ray diffractometer with a 5-dimensional turntable provide reliable means of measurement for residual stress measurement of materials and materials.

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DX-2700BH X-ray Diffractometer + Multifunctional Sample Holder

DX-2700BH BH X-ray Diffractometer + 5-Dimensional Turntable

DST-17 High Resolution Stress Analyzer