Texture measurement

Texture measurement

The grains of the material crystals are arranged to some extent in a particular orientation, which is called a preferred orientation or simply texture. In the x-ray diffraction measurement, in order to represent the orientation distribution statistical information of the crystal grains, a polar diagram is used to visually represent. A pole figure is a diagram obtained by projecting the spatial orientation of a normal plane {H, K, L} of a crystal grain in a macroscopic coordinate system onto a polar equatorial plane, and it can reflect a part of the orientation information of the material. The combination of an X-ray diffractometer and a 5-dimensional turntable provides a reliable method of measuring the texture of materials and materials.

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DX-2700BH X-ray Diffractometer + Multifunctional Sample Holder

DX-2700BH X-ray Diffractometer + 5-Dimensional Turntable