Drug polymorphism

Drug polymorphism

Drug polymorphism usually refers to the different arrangement of chemical drug molecules, and it is generally manifested in the presence of a pharmaceutical material in a solid state. A drug may exist in a plurality of crystalline forms, and different crystal forms of the same drug may have different dissolution and absorption in the body, thereby affecting the dissolution and release of the formulation.

The X-ray diffractometer is used for the study of drug polymorphs, and it can be found that the dominant crystalline form of the drug is beneficial to the action of the drug, and the formulation process is determined according to the characteristics of the crystal form, thereby effectively ensuring the equivalence of the drug in the batch. The research on drug crystal form has been included in the research content of key technologies in China's “Eleventh Five-Year Major New Drug Creation”.



DX-27mini Benchtop X-ray Diffractometer

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