X-ray stress analyzer

DST-17 X-ray Stress Analyzer

The DST-17 X-ray stress analyzer provides the most reliable means of testing materials and their products. Residual stress and texture can be accurately measured for multi-domain material structures and irregularly shaped parts.

The instrument is characterized by high power, high resolution and accurate measurement results.

4-1.jpgPerformance description
High-precision diffraction angle measuring device for the most accurate 2θ angle

Both iso- and side-inclination methods can achieve residual stress

Automatic conversion of stress measurement in the X and Y directions at the same point to achieve tangential stress measurement

Arbitrarily set the point of sample, automatically complete the residual stress measurement, and draw the stress distribution map

High-resolution SDD detector for residual stress measurement of various materials when the target is fixed

Simultaneously configure Si drift line array detector to quickly complete residual stress measurement

α angle range is large, measure pole figure by side-inclination method

Built-in laser ranging locator for automatic positioning of samples with repeatability less than 3μm

CCD camera, laser calibration, 5D hand crank control, simplify manual positioning

High resolution SDD detectorSi drift line array detectorSi drift line array detector

 The instrument realizes intelligent control, quickly completes residual stress measurement, and is easy to operate.

Residual stress measurementFe (211) Pole Figure

The complete data processing software can edit the Miller index and Young's modulus Poisson's ratio calculation parameters to achieve accurate calculation of residual stress, half-width and austenite content. Professional software completes texture calculation and draws pole figures.

Technical parameters:

 2θ angle range 110°—170°
 Ψ angle range 0—60°
 Ф angle range 0—360°
 α angle range 0—70°
 2θ angle    resolution Minimum to 0.01°
 X-ray tube voltage 10—60kV
 X-ray tube current 5—50mA
 Stability <0.005%
 Cermet X-ray tube Various targets such as Cu, Cr, Fe, Ti,    V, Co, Mn, etc
 Radiation round spot 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2mm
 Rectangular spot 0.5×3, 0.5×5, 1×3, 1×5, 2×3, 2×5mm, etc.

The product complies with ASTM E915-2010, and EN 15305-2008 and GB7704-2008 residual stress analysis and testing standards, and the production process meets the requirements of ISO 9001 quality management system.