X-ray detector

X-ray detector


Linear detector

Proportional detector, Scintillation detector

Need to configure the monochromator when using, effectively remove the Kβ line.

Maximum linear count: ≥5×105CPS

Spectral resolution: Proportional detector≤25%、Scintillation detector≤50%


SDD silicon drift detector

No need to configure a monochromator. Compared with linear detectors, the sample measurement speed is increased by more than 4 times, enabling high-resolution X-ray diffraction measure.

Maximum linear count: 1. 5×105CPS

Spectral resolution: ≤200eV


High speed one-dimensional semiconductor detector

A one-dimensional semiconductor display detector consisting of 256 detectors can increase the diffraction intensity by more than 120 times compared with the conventional scintillation or proportional detector. In a shorter time, a high-sensitivity, high-resolution complete diffraction spectrum is obtained. And there is also a very good defluorescence ability, even for samples measuring strong fluorescence, the data provided by the one-dimensional semiconductor display detector also shows a very good signal to noise ratio. There are two modes of operation: high counting mode and removal of fluorescent background.

Maximum linear count: ≥9×107CPS

Spectral resolution: ≤25%