Multifunctional sample holder


Invention patent number: 200810010370.8

Multifunctional sample holder

With the deepening of materials research, more and more plates, blocks and films on the substrate also require X-ray diffractometry for performance analysis. The multifunctional sample holder is mounted on the goniometer for testing of texture, macro stress, and in-plane structure of the film. Each test function has corresponding calculation software.

Texture measurement and evaluation of rolled sheets (aluminum, iron, copper, etc.)

Residual stress measurement of metals, ceramics, etc.

Evaluation of the preferred orientation of film samples

Macromolecular compound orientation measurement


The multifunctional sample holder is used for texture sample measurement, and the pole figure, inverse pole figure and ODF diagram are respectively drawn after software calculation.

The multifunctional sample holder is used for macro stress sample measurement. Set the Psi angle within -30-90° to tilt the sample to the corresponding angle. At different Psi angles, the angular offset of the specified crystal plane is measured separately, and the macroscopic stress of the measured sample is calculated.